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Precision Double Head Cutting Saw WMC2E-500X4200



  1. Used for Aluminum, PVC and Curtain-wall profile accurate Cutting
  2. Imported linear bearing system in moving and feeding device ensures the accurate the machine running and cutting, and stable performance.
  3. Two heads can work together or lonely, when together work ,one time can cut off the required length and angle.
  4. Air-hydraulic cylinder ensured the stable speed adjusting and saw blade working.
  5. Automatic angle cutting can be changed in 45° and 90°,Also can be changed in 45° to 90° by manual.
  6. Carbide saw blade for a high quality cutting and life.
  7. Safety system of shield can ensure the safe operation of man working.

Technical Parameter:

Power supply Made to order
Motor power 2*2.2KW
Motor rotary speed 2800r/min
Operation air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Saw blades length 400~4200mm
Air consumption 200L/min
Cutting length Max. 4200mm,Min. 400mm
Cutting width Max. 135mm
Cutting angle 45°&90° (45° to 90°)
Cutting profile surface plane ≤0.10mm
Cutting angle tolerance Ra12.5 μm
Saw blade height max 300mm×90°;200mm×45°
Feeding speed Stepless timing 0~3m/min
Saw blade specification φ500mm×4.4mm×φ30mm  Z=120
Overall Dimension 5550×1750×1950mm
Weight 1800kg