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Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line WMG-1800



  1. automatic insulating glass production line(which can produce low-e insulating glass)
  2. PLC control system with touch screen.
  3. Adopts imported vacuum generator and chuck to get better performance.
  4. Cleaning LOW-E glass with frequency conversion driven brush.
  5. Three pieces of glass, big& small insulating glass available for various purposes (optional).
  6. All electrical components adopt international famous brand.
  7. Automatic horizontal convey follow tilted insure the glass safety and efficiency.
  8. When processing outside, it adopts center positioning system for flat press.
  9. The glass can be washed continuously, the machine can automatically distinguish the first and second glass, and zero washing time.                                                                                                                                               Technical Parameter
Power supply Made to order
Input Power 18kw
Max. Glass Size 2500 x 1800mm
Min. Glass Size 450 x 280mm
Max. thickness of insulating glass 50mm
Washing Glass Thickness 3-12mm
Transmission Speed 22m/min
Washing Speed 2-7m/min
Total Weight 4500kg
Overall dimension 16500 x 1600 x 3000mm
Weight 4000KG