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Aluminum Window End Milling Machine WME-250B

Aluminum Window End Milling Machine WME-250B



  1. Used for milling the mullion/transom and reinforced mullion
  2. Large capacity milling, multi-pieces profile milling in one cycle.
  3. Universal milling blades can be adjusted in up/down, left/right directions and not made extra, which to fit for different processing requirement and ensure the efficient working.
  4. Four blades work together for the reinforced mullion in one cutting/milling cycle.
  5. Large tools with high and stable milling speed for guarantee the working quality.
  6. Feeding system controlled by servo motor keep the smooth milling.

Technical parameter:

Power supply Made to order
Motor power 3X2.2KW+0.6KW
Motor rotary speed 2800r/min
Operation air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Air consumption 80L/min
Milling blade specification φ250mm×φ32mm
Milling deepness Max.40mm
Milling height Max. 85mm
Milling profile roughness Ra12.5µm
Dimension 2425×1510×1655mm
Weight 500kg