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Louver Hole Punching Machine WML-80

Louver Hole Punching Machine WML-80



  1. Used for louver hole punching of aluminum window door
  2. PLC control the machine auto feeding ,no need feeding by hand .
  3. With hydraulic station ensure the working stable.
  4. Pneumatic clamping .

Technical parameter:

Power supply Made to order
Motor power 3KW
Motor rotational speed 1400r/min
Rated oil pump pressure 12MPa
Capability of oil box 55L
Press nominal pressure 60KN
Closing height 160mm-200mm
Punching efficiency 30 times/ min
Punching travel 10mm to 50mm
Contour dimension 1800×900×1500mm (L×W×H )
Weight 480KG