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PVC Double Head Cutting Saw WMC2-450×3600

PVC Double Head Cutting Saw WMC2-450×3600



  1. Used for PVC and aluminum profile cutting at the angle of 45°~90°.
  2. Imported linear bearing system in moving and feeding device ensures the accurate the machine running and cutting, and stable performance.
  3. Movable supporter can keep cutting more exactly.
  4. It can cut 2 pieces like 60 series at one time.


Air Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Air Consumption: 100L/min
Input Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Input Power: 3KW
Motor Rotary Speed: 2800r/min
Saw Blade Specification: φ450mmx3.2mmxφ40mm
Max. Cutting Height: 120mm
Max. Cutting Width: 120mm
Cutting Length: 290mm~3600mm
Overall Dimension: 5000mmx1300mmx1650mm
Weight 1000KG