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PVC Four Head Seamless Welding Machine WMW4S-120x4500B

PVC Four Head Seamless Welding Machine WMW4S-120x4500B



  1. Four heads can work separately or linkage.
  2. All colored profile seamless welding
  3. Profile clamp with cutters, can respectively meet the common profile and colored profile processing requirement.
  4. Locating plate can slide along square guide, increasing locating precision.
  5. Easy-change for special fixture, increased corner strength and cleaning appearance.
  6. Omron PLC control the welding action or program, high reliable.
  7. Parameters can be set to meet various profiles’ processing requirement.
  8. Machine heads can work separately or combination.
  9. Any welding angle in the right head.
  10. The four heads can be used individually, simultaneously or combinative. It enable welding for such shapes as

Technical Parameter:

Air Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Air Consumption: 200L/min
Input Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Input Power: 4.5KW
Welding Height: 20mm~120mm
Welding Width: MAX.100mm
Welding Range: 400mmx400mm~4500mmx4500mm
Overall Dimension: 5400mmx1100mmx1700mm
Weight: 2000kg