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Knurling and Strip Inserting Machine WMK-200×250



  1. It is used to put knurling wheels on the notch of thermal barrier aluminum profile to improve the horizontal shearing force of the profile.
  2. Adjust knurling wheels into the notch, move the profile by rotating the knurling wheels, and make teeth on the inner cavity of the profile.
  3. Two knurling heads, each head is driven by each motor and powered on linear guiding for horizontal adjustment by hands separately.
  4. Two heads not only can be adjusted vertically altogether by electric, but also can be adjusted vertically separately by hands.
  5. Frequency converter to change the feeding speed.
  6. Optional clamps for direct strip insertion and sticking film device.

Technical Parameter:

Power supply 380v 50Hz
Hydraulic gearbox motor power 4.73KW
Wheel diameter 120mm
Adjusting range for teeth maker Max. 110mm horizontal distance
Feeding speed 0-60m/min
Max processing size of profile 200mmx170mm WxH
Distance between teeth makers 6mm/110mm (Min./Max.)
Overall dimension 1000x1200x1500mm LxWxH
Weight 600Kg