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Aluminum Vertical Band Sawing Grooving Machine WMV-1600



  1. Used for Aluminum Curtain Wall, Aluminum composite panel grooving cutting machine
  2. Milling cutters can work in horizontal and vertical way
  3. There is pulling device at the bottom and middle position which is convenient for the different size processing
  4. The interval subsection orientation device and the lock device are set in the movable frame
  5. The slot depth can be adjusted for the special designed cutters

Technical Parameter:

Power supply Made to order
Cutting motor power 2.2KW
Motor rotary speed  2850r/min
Cutting width  max 4100mm
Cutting height max 1600mm
Groove linear in horizontal milling ≤0.25/1000mm
Groove linear in vertical milling ≤0.25/1000mm
Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5∪m
The parallelism of two milling   slots in the same direction ≤0.25/1000mm
Milling cutter size φ250mmx15mmxφ30mm  (90&135°)  Z=12
Saw blade size  φ250mm x3.2xφ30mm (saw blade cut off)
Cleaner motor power 2.2KW
Contour dimension 5400mm×1200mm×2600mm
Weight 1500Kg
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