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Single Head Cutting Saw WMCS-500A



  1. Used for 90° aluminum and curtain-wall profile cutting.
  2. Adopt linear bearing cutting movement, with stable cutting and ensure the cutting quality.
  3. Heavy-duty feeding system for stable running.
  4. Large cutting capacity with package cutting of profile and high efficient cutting.
  5. Two supporters, one with meter measurement.

Technical parameter:

Power Made to order
Motor 2.2KW
Speed 2800r/min
Air pressure 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa
Air consumption 80L/min
Cutting angle 90°
Cutting profile surface plane ≤0.10mm
Cutting width 400mm(customizable)
Cutting height 160mm
Blade feeding speed stepless timing 0~3m/min
Saw blade Specification φ500mm×4.4mm×φ30mm  Z=108
Dimension 850×1750×1500mm
Weight 800kg