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Butyl Extruder Machine WMBE02

Butyl Extruder Machine WMBE02



  1. The machine is semi-auto butyl extruder machine, frequency converter speed regulator.
  2. Put the spacer on the conveyor by manual work, when the spacer pass the sensor, the conveyor rollers and valves will work automatically by computer.
  3. The air cylinder push forward the spacer and equal gelatinize for both side of the frame.
  4. The coating finish automatically when the spacer has passed, the machine is controlled by PC.
  5. The machine is an innovation with both domestic and aboard advanced techniques. Use friendly, high efficiency, important device for insulating glass production.
  6. With 5.7 inch color HMI touch screen, operate easily.
  7. PC control adoption, automatic position, convey and coating.
  8. Convey by motor and operate stable, stainless steel material.
  9. Main the adjustable orientation device can ensure equal gelatinize for both sides of the frames.
  10. The materials of temperature table, hydraulic components, PC controller, etc are world famous brands.

Technical Parameter:

Power supply Made to order
Input Power 2.5kw
Hydraulic pressure 10-15Mpa
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Temperature 120-150℃
Adjustable range 6-27mm
Transmission Speed 22m/min
Overall dimension 3000 x 700 x 1200mm
Weight 500KG